"For UT Students by UT students"

How does the plan work?

Upon signing up for our semester long laundry plan, a credit will be given for the amount of bags you have signed up for. For example if you signed up for "15 Bags" we will laundry your bag of laundry 15 times. After each pick up that number deceases. 

If I want my shirts hung dry, can you accommodate to that? 

Yes, we have the ability to hang dry shirts any items you may want. Simply let us know when signing up and we will make note of your preferences. 

Can I wash sheets and towels? 

Yes, what ever fits in to your bag we launder! Sheets, pillow cases, towels, under ware, everything. 

Can I sign up before the semester starts?

Yes, you may sign up at any time. Signing up in advance reserves your spot for next semester.  If you are currently in our service area you may start enjoying your plan upon signing up!  

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Yes, simply place your items you would like to have dry cleaned in a small bag, clearly labled "dry cleaning". Place inside your regular laundry bag, and we will do the rest. Or, if you are just using our dry cleaning service, simply call and we will come pick it up!  

Who actually does my laundry? 

We have partners with certified laundry professional in the Tampa Bay Area to offer our clients the highest quality laundry service.

Do I need to separate my laundry? 

No, your whites and colors will be sorted for you at our certified laundry facilities. However, if you have any special laundry requests it is up to you to let us know!  This way, we can be sure your laundry is done to your highest standard. 

How does the payments work? 

All of our long term laundry plans are prepaid and you will see a charge on your credit card reflecting this. Pay as you go bags and dry cleaning items will be paid when collected. 

How can I sign up?

Simply sign up online, over the phone or in person via one of our team members. We accept all major credit cards and checks made out to "Cool College Cleaners"  After signing up, the next step is to call and arrange a pick up time! 

Is my laundry washed with anyone else's?

Never.  Rest assured that your laundry is never washed with anyone else's. 

What if I have special requests?

In an effort to keep your favorite clothes looking great, we can accommodate any special cleaning instructions you may provide. 

If I don't live on campus can I still use your service?

Yes! Depending on your residence, Cool College Cleaners offers off campus laundry and dry cleaning plan.

When does my laundry plan start and end?

For on campus students our laundry plan starts the first day of classes and ends the last day of final exams. If you're late to sign up, try our 5 or 10 bag plan and enjoy clean clothes for the rest of the semester!