Terms and Conditions 

Missing/Damaged Items

At Cool College Cleaner we handle your clothes with the utmost care. We strive to make your laundry experience an enjoyable and stress free one. We carefully monitor, track and continue to improve every part of our laundry process. However, in the unlikely event any laundry items become damaged or misplaced in our care we will the follow the terms of service outlined below. 

  • Any clothing item that has been allegedly lost or damaged in our care must be brought to our attention in writing (email is okay) within 2 business days after being dropped off.
  • In the rare unlikely event that entire loads are misplaced or damaged, reimbursement of up to 5 times the price to have your items laundered will be given.
  • We are not responsible for worn out clothes.
  • We are not responsible for items that fade or shrink during our standard washing process. 
  • If given special washing requests for sensitive items, we assume responsibility for damage only if we fail to follow your specific, clearly labeled washing instructions. 
  • Cool College Cleaners is not responsible for damaged or lost items left in pockets during our care, nor are we responsible for the damage such items can cause. 
  • At Cool College Cleaners we strive to return your order the very next day. However we cannot be responsible for delays caused by events out of our power. In the unlikely event that we can not make our predicted time table due unlikely events, we will be sure to inform our customers in a quick fashion. 

Maximum reimbursements for individual items damaged or lost in our care are outlined below:

  • Pair of Socks: $4
  • Underwear: $7
  • Bra: $15
  • Most shorts: $15
  • Dress shorts: $20
  • Casual shirt: $10
  • Dress shirt: $20
  • Casual pants: $15
  • Dress pants: $25
  • Suit jacket / blazer: $40
  • Dresses: $30


At Cool College Cleaners we take the utmost care in being aware and handling allergic reactions. We will not be responsible for allergic reasons cause by the soaps and chemicals used by our partners.

Right to refuse any garments and items:

Cool College Cleaners reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any clothing for any reason.

Expiration of laundry plans:

Similar to meal plans and other university services, laundry plans expire at the end of each semester.  

Handling Payments:

All customers must pay the full account balance prior to service.

Dry Cleaning and special care items:

Items that need dry cleaning or special care must be separated and clearly labeled. Any items that require dry cleaning or special care but are not separated and clearly labeled may not be washed properly. Cool College Cleaners does not assume any liability for items needing special care in our custody that is not properly labeled or communicated to us (in writing) that such items require special care or dry cleaning.

Cool College Cleaners reserves the right to change, modify any of these terms of service at any time. Cool College Cleaners also reserves the right to cancel or refuse service to any customer at any time.

We Care:

If there are any questions or comments about Cool College Cleaners terms of service please feel free to call our business line during regular operating hours.